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49 stories - Latitude 53
installation by Jfry Craig; Stem Cell Festival


In exciting news, 49 stories, which just closed in Monterrey, will be packing up and moving to Alberta's Capital to be appearing as part of the inaugural Stem Cell Festival, put on by Latitude 53, FAVA and Metro Cinema.

49 stories is said to be the web script found among dot.calm’s possessions after his death. The script was written in a sophisticated manner that takes full advantage of inter text and the web's ability to broadcast a variety of rich media. Jfry Craig has taken dot.calm’s webscript and tried to present it as an installation, combining video, sound, photos and writing in an attempt to best bring Paul to life for the viewer.

The story explores the life of Paul, a career sous-chef who never leaves Calgary in his entire 74 year life. Paul dies a shut-in, obsessed with washing his hands, movies, golf analogies, shoes and the alphabet.


Narrative Potential in New Media
FAVA presents a workshop by Jfry Craig


From prose poetics we will delve into the idea of script and writing for the internet. After a brief overview of linear narrative and writing techniques, we will look at early inter text work by Geoff Ryman and then more sophisticated flash based narratives by Matt Owens and Bradley Grosh. The workshop will finish with group work, where we will try to find new script writing methods to best suit narratives built for inter text.

  WAR Made Me [do it]  
  WAR Made Me [do it] is a postcard book by artist Jfry Craig. The images explore how popular media has warped our ideas of war. Many of these images have been featured in museum shows across North America.  

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  Our Hands In Your Pie  
  OurHandsInYourPie (OHIYP) started in 1998 as a collection of visual essays. It has since transformed into a light-hearted political commentary and collection of collage, text and video work.  
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  Leg Moustache Advisor  
  The Leg Moustache Advisor is Canada's Premier Humour 'Zine, publishing two volumes a year. It features a variety of articles, editorials, mock-ads and celebrity interviews.  
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  branding by dot.  
  dot.calm was a 'writer' of no significant repute, who scrawled on walls and left fake ads and murals accross most of Canada, some of the States and a little bit of Asia. Since he passed in 2004, I've been collecting his works into this one site as a tribute.  
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  49 stories - Edmonton, AB.  
  49 stories, an installation, is appearing as part of the Stem Cell new media arts festical. The installation will be showing at Latitude 53, opening on April 12th running through to the 14th.
  Other News:  

April 12-28, 2007: 49 stories will be appearing at Latitude 53 as part of the inaugural Stem Cell Festival.

March 27, 2007: Jfry Craig will be hosting a new media narrative workshop at FAVA in Edmonton.

Feb 12, 2007: opening of 49 stories installation in Monterrey, Mexico. Installation runs through March. The show appears as part of Canada Week festivities in Mexico and is presented in conjunction with Monterrey's Cultural Department and Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Jan 2007: Jfry Craig is awarded an AFA cultural relations grant to help with the production and presentation of 49 stories in Monterrey.

Sept 2006: WAR Made Me, gallery tour. Stops in Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary, with all proceeds from sales of the canvases going to disadvantaged veterans.

Aug 25, 2006: WAR Made Me [do it] release through Mudscout Media, Montreal, with a portion of proceeds going to disadvantaged veterans.